Our History

Bridgeway Cafe in Sausalito started as the Ferry Cafe at the turn of the century. The small eating establishment catered to workers ferried over from San Francisco and employees that worked in the Sausalito ship yards. Through the following decades, the Ferry Cafe served the small community of Sausalito until the late fifties when an artist from San Francisco named Leo Krikorian purchased the establishment.



Leo owned a very popular bar called “The Place” in North Beach. His bar was a favorite destination for the beatniks and hippies that were becoming more and more visible in San Francisco. Leo renamed the cafe the Copper Kettle and changed the format to a simple coffee house. The cafe remained open until 4am and soon attracted the same clientele that he enjoyed at The Place in North Beach. Sausalito was developing a vibrant night life during this period with many bars and restuarants featuring live music. Hanging out at the Copper Kettle until 4am was a very popular activity for the artists, flower children and hippies of the sixties.

Soon the city of Sausalito began to restrict the night time activities in the parks and bars and the small town transitioned away from a party spot to a quieter town with more exclusive restaurants and bars. Leo sold the business in 1977 and the new owner tagged the Cafe with its current name, Bridgeway Cafe.

Since then, the sweeping views of the city, the ambiance and the down home cooking has attracted celebrities and locals alike to the little cafe by the bay.